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Clay flower pot grill/smoker


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Clay flower pot grill/smoker

crippstom | Jun 20, 2014 05:32 PM

I've been going over buying a new grill and trying to decide what I want. Probably several depending on the volume of my needs. I've been using a mini weber tabletop that I found on the property. There's lots of junk laying around these 5 acres. Last week the bottom came apart due to rust. I can still use it but I recalled someone talking about using a clay flower pot and have been searching different sites, videos and now I think I can buy a 16" diameter pot for under $20 which I can fit the grill and lid of my weber. But now I am looking into using another clay pot as the lid. I don't mind halfassing a bit but I want something practical as well. Does anyone have experience with this or usefull hints. It looks real straightforward as has been popular in Asia for centuries. And certainly cheaper than a green egg.

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