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Classic Recipes Misrepresented

snackventurer | Feb 9, 200807:24 PM

I have a question I want to pose to all you Chowhounds.

Is it cool if a restaurant offers a classic recipe on their menu but serves it fundamentally different?

The specific example is fettucine alfredo. On the menu it's labeled "Fettucine Alfredo" That's a classic dish right? You kind of know what to expect. Under the title, it said it was served with butter and cheese, no mention of cream. I'll admit, I didn't read that part too close. I figured, the title says it all. Classic dish. This actual dish was served with fettucine lightly coated with butter and a little sprinkle of parmigiano on top.

So back to question at hand. Do you think the restaurant should have called it something else? Because pasta with butter and cheese is more like a recipe for a 5 year old not what you'd expect in pretty fancy restaurant. And have you run into this before?

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