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A classic girly drink?


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A classic girly drink?

lulubelle | Oct 24, 2009 06:36 AM

Ok, there is a thread asking for classic cocktails for men, so in the interest of equal opportunity, I am looking for a classic "girly" drink. Specifically, I would like a new drink to serve at home as sort of a "signature cocktail" when I have parties.

The criteria:
Served in a classic cocktail glass (I have very pretty vintage ones that I would like to use more often).
Can't contain completely insane ingredients, (I have a pretty complete liquor cabinet; Maraschino, Pastis, Campari, all share space with the gin, vodka, bourbon, etc. I certainly don't mind buying more booze, but please no 50 dollar bottles of totally recherche liqueurs that are only used to make one drink).
It must be pretty! (I told you, I'm looking for something girly here!)
Has to taste fabulous! (This is really the most important criteria on the list, but is sort of a given I hope)

In the past, my signature drinks have been lemon drops (pretty and yummy, but, let's face it, a little too TGIFridays) and Aviations, which are gorgeous and tasty and still my go-to drink, but I've been serving them for several years now and would like to mix things up a little.

So what should I put in the shaker?

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