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Clarified Bacon Fat


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Clarified Bacon Fat

AreBe | Apr 29, 2008 08:09 AM

A quick search for "bacon fat" showed these two digests. One of them suggests straining the bacon drippings through a coffee filter to save the fat.

Like many southern-US cooks I keep a jar beside the stove and pour the bacon fat & pan bits into the jar after frying (and rarely, baking) bacon. The pan bits form layers if I let the level build up in the jar. Sometimes I will put the jar in a pot of water and very gently heat it just until all the fat melts and the solids will settle to the bottom, leaving beautiful clarified bacon fat on top.

It drives my wife nuts for some reason, so I did it this past weekend while she was gone.

Does anyone else clarify their bacon grease? How? Why?

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