All-Clad skillet cleaning suggestions wanted


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All-Clad skillet cleaning suggestions wanted

Dan D | Oct 26, 2010 05:48 PM

A dear elderly relative was staying with me and decided to fry up something using my All-Clad skillet. As her poor late husband always joked, he didn't marry her for her skills in the kitchen, and they ate out a lot. She treated her inexpensive pans as disposables, given her tendency to forget what was on the burner.

Well, when I happened upon the smoky scene, it was evident that the pan had been heavily splattered and seriously overheated. It wasn't warped, but burned on oil covered much of the bottom and all of the sides of the inside of the skillet. After it cooled off I soaked it for a long time with soapy water, and used scrub pads and lots of Bar Keepers Friend, and it looks better than it was.

There is still a lot of residue on the sides and on part of the bottom cooking surface of the skillet, after lots of elbow grease with Bar Keepers Friend, and long soaks with white vinegar as someone suggested.

Is this pan hopeless, or do Chowhounds have some other good suggestions for returning this pan to its shiny old self?

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