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My All-Clad pan's interior isn't flat and things are getting crispy....

ChezButtons | Sep 23, 200905:42 PM

I saw this question posted a few months ago but there weren't many responses.... so I'll give it another shot. I have a stainless All-Clad 11" fry/saute pan and I notice that the interior is higher in the middle than the perimeter. Whatever oil I add runs to the sides leaving a dry spot in the middle where things naturally start to burn. I guess I could use more oil...I need to add over a 1/4 cup to just cover everything, and that seems like a lot. The exterior bottom is completely flat, which it oughta be, since I just got it a week ago from All-Clad as a warranty replacement (for the third and final time). Are all large fry pans like this? How do you deal with it? Should I get some other brand of pan or just resign myself to deep frying everything?

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