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All Clad frying pan impossibly stained after frying something

forbiddenbeat | Nov 20, 200903:37 PM

We have a brand new All Clad stainless set, and tonight I used the frying pan for the second time to fry some tortillas lightly before making enchiladas. I fried the tortillas in a thin layer of vegetable oil over medium to medium-high heat (not high), during which time the oil turned a little brown on the upper edges of the pan. Not to worry, I thought, I have Barkeepers Friend handy and it will come right off.

Well, after letting the pan sit for an hour before getting around to clean it, Barkeepers Friend barely did anything. It had nasty brown stains from the oil almost everywhere. I literally just scrubbed it for 10 minutes, and it's finally presentable, but definitely not 100% clean. The bottom is scratched from moving around on the stainless sink surface while scrubbing, and the cooking surface has micro-scratches.

Seriously, is All Clad supposed to be this high maintenance? Am I only supposed to cook low heat things in this crap? I thought the whole point of stainless was that it was great for searing things. I'd hesitate to sear anything in these if I had to clean it afterward.

Did I do something wrong?

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