So, if All-Clad isn't the beat all end all, what is?


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So, if All-Clad isn't the beat all end all, what is?

mikie | Jan 2, 2014 09:45 AM

The previous discussion on All-Clad made me start thinking and investagating. My daughter is going to update her kitchen, new stove (gas) and new granite counter tops along with a couple of other upgrades. I'd really like to get her some new pots & pans to go with the update. I know, I know, don't buy sets, but the prices are so much better on the sets, if there's a piece she doesn't need (can't imagine what that might be, she has junck) it's virtually free anyway.

After looking at many different brands, AC does seem to have a few things going for it.
- They have been around a long time and seem to be well established, so the warenty has to be way better than what I have on the Viking pieces I recently bought, since these are no longer manufactured.
- They have a large assortment of pieces, so if she needs to add a piece, say a steamer insert or double boiler, that option exists without have to purchase another pot to support it.
- They hold up well and are well made, at least according to those here that have it.
- Expensive as it is, it's not overpriced when compared to other cookware of similar quality that's not made in the Pacific Rim. In fact a 10 pc. set with approximately the same components is about $200 less than the Zwilling Sensation. The WS Thermo Clad made in Italy is the same price.

Any great ideas?

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