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What can I do with all of these citrus peels?

JasmineG | Jan 6, 2008 09:30 PM

I eat a lot of tangerines (and other citrus fruits, but especially tangerines) this time of year, and whenever I peel one, I feel like there's something that I can and should be doing with the peels. I know that I can candy them, but that seems like a) it's something that I would have to do immediately after peeling, which means I would have to do frequent tiny batches (unlikely to happen) and b) that they wouldn't last very long, am I right about this? The other thing that I've thought of is the orange version of limoncello, and just tossing the peels into a vat of vodka whenever I eat some (which I will likely do with some of them). But is there anything that I can do with the peels after peeling the fruit (and so with the white pith still attached), or other creative ways of using or preserving the peels? I'm up for anything, drying (as long as I don't need a dehydrator), freezing, candying, canning, etc. Thanks for any ideas!

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