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Citron, Yuja, Yuzu?!?


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Citron, Yuja, Yuzu?!?

Sonia | Aug 15, 2002 01:09 PM

The citron post below reminded me of a burning question...

When we lived in Korea, mom used to make something resembling marmalade out of yuja, a citrus fruit that became available only in the winter. Add hot water, and you had yuja tea. It was sweet, tart, slightly tangy and provided the mildest tingling sensation on your tongue.

Here in the US, you can buy jars of yuja preserves but I've never seen fresh yuja sold in any markets. The preserves are labeled in English as citron tea. But knowing how unreliable Korean-to-English translations tend to be, I have my doubts.

I also know of yuzu, which is used in Japanese cooking.

So here's my question: Can anyone equally fluent in English, Korean & Japanese AND have great knowledge of citrus fruits tell me that these are in fact one and the same fruit? If so, where can I get some so I can try making my own preserves?

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