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My Circulon pan is flaking plus other pan questions


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My Circulon pan is flaking plus other pan questions

Wendy Lai | Apr 5, 2002 10:31 AM

A few years ago (before I discovered my then boyfriend bought a whole set of Circulon pans. They started out great. But now the most frequently used pans are flaking in the center. Even though they started out as non-sticks, as the years go by, the non-stick materials are peeling off, it's now beginning to stick, and I notice black flakes in the food that I cook. Not a huge amount, but I was wondering if ingesting these materials are harmful?

I see sales on various internet site that's advertising Calphalon pans. Are those pans non-stick? Will they also flake in the future after many uses?

Is All-clad the most expensive brad? Are they non-stick too? Will they flake in the future?

Retail wise, which costs more Calphalon or All-clad?

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