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Cinnamon ice cream elusive

nautico | Jun 12, 201211:30 AM

Years ago it wasn't all that difficult to find unadorned cinnamon ice cream all year round. Then it became a seasonal offering. Nowadays even the seasonal offering is restricted to a very small number of producers. Blue Bunny is one of them, although, as one can see from the following UClue thread that I started some time ago, even their cinnamon wasn''t available in my Jacksonville, FL metro area last fall:


Has anyone found a cinnamon ice cream in recent years, and I am not talking about the cinnamon bun or cinnamon swirl variants that do appear now and then, but just a straight cinnamon? I realize there are mom and pop shoppes that make their own version, some even shipping it for exhorbitant overnight fees, but I mean to restrict my search to regional and national commercial packagers.

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