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CIA Boot Camps / DIY home course?

johnrchang | Feb 3, 2008 11:16 PM

Hi all,

I've seen some posts/blogs about the CIA Basic Training Boot Camp, but has anyone been any of the other 4 or 5 day ones, like Advanced Training, French Cuisine, or Gourmet Meals?

I'm thinking of going (it looks like fun!!) but I'm worried that I'm going to blow my money (and week of vacation) if the Basic Training one turns out to be too basic. I've never worked in a restaurant and I'm not the most confident cook, but I've taken an Essentials course at HomeChef and I can do things like make my own stock, roast chicken, puff pastry dough, roux, chiffonade, mise en place, etc. So I'm looking at the other courses but I can't find any reviews of them.

On a related note (perhaps as an alternative to the above), can anyone recommend a good cookbook/textbook to follow as a sort of DIY home cooking course? (inspired by http://www.carolcookskeller.blogspot.... ). As far as I know, French Laundry cookbook and Escoffier's book seem to be way out of my league. Right now I'm thinking Julia Child's book, though I wouldn't mind something that touches other cuisines. I like America's Test Kitchen, but their cookbooks don't focus as much on technique or ingredient as a proper cooking course should. Is the CIA textbook usable in this capacity? Or any general words of advice?


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