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Chung Hua (Wenzhou food) -Very nice meal!

fredid | Jul 21, 200911:02 AM     27

Eight of us (two of the very junior, 5 and 11 y.o, variety, who set off peals of delighted laughter in the staff by using their chopsticks with finesse!) descended on Saturday and had a great meal!

Hopefully, ScoopG will add his pics and any corrections...

The menu had a strong showing of seafood, and everything was very fresh and nicely prepared! It was great fun to explore this new-to-us cuisine!

We began with FISHCAKES off the appetizer menu, on our delightful waitress' recommendation, and these were a hit! Simple, mildly flavored, and delicious!

Then NOODLES Wenzhou style (when we asked what Wenzhou style was, we seemed to get the answer "sweet and sour", but the noodles were not in that mode, and our prior research hadn't elucidated much...): These were quite vinegary, which greatly appealed to some at the table, but not as much to others.

We moved onto LOOFAH WITH FISH PANCAKE: Everyone enjoyed this mild dish, particularly the "fish pancakes" which were different then the fishcakes we had had from the appetizer menu. They reminded me a bit of tofu skins, but with a pleasant flavor of very mild fish. The loofah still had tiny bits of skin, which unfortunately made them a bit bitter, someone pointed out. The only (small) misstep in the meal.

INTESTINE WITH PIG'S BLOOD: Another hit! It had a dark, smoky flavor, which contrasted nicely with the milder Loofah with Fish Pancakes. Some liked the tripe/Intestine better, some of us enjoyed the blood better, but I think everyone greatly enjoyed this dish...

TOFU (WENZHOU STYLE?) : Triangles of maybe deep-fried (we had a discussion abt it, but w/out a conclusion!) tofu, with wood ear mushrooms - again, not as novel a dish as other ones were, but simply and decently prepared.

SPARERIBS (don't remember how they were listed on the menu) which were more sweet and sour - not as novel as some of the other dishes, but rapidly consumed!

Finally, a huge FISHHEAD! in BROWN SAUCE - The turtle in brown sauce had been recommended by Buddha Belly (see CH link below) but turtle was unavailable and one of us - while telling us to go ahead and order it - had moral qualms abt eating turtle! So this was our alternative. In Chinese characters, someone at the table said the fish was called red-cooked, and she thought this was a prep with five spice...Again, an interesting and well prepared dish!

So how much did this feast cost? $10 a person with tax and a generous tip!

Menu link: http://www.allmenus.com/ny/queens/518...

CH links (hard to find): http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/328566

Some details: Location: This part of 41st AVENUE (not Road!) runs off of Main St from the Starbucks (Chung Hua is a few doors down) - There's a small, 41st Avenue dead end by the LIRR entrance (the correct 41st Avenue is one more block south) and a 41st Avenue on the other side of Main (near the library), which is NOT opposite this portion.

Spelling: They use both Chung Hua and Chung Hwa.

INTERESTING TIDBIT: There's an interesting-looking restaurant next door (towards Main) with an English menu but no English name! Our Mandarin speakers/readers translated the name as Duck and Egg, and looking up, there were a (neon?) Duck and Egg above the front window! Menu looked like it had unusual items, not sure from what area in China...

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