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Help--re Christmas theme--foods related somehow to "star", "stars", "light" ????


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Help--re Christmas theme--foods related somehow to "star", "stars", "light" ????

Normandie | Nov 30, 2009 10:28 PM

I always pick out a Christmas theme to work with in my own head as I plan decor, menus, so forth. This isn't even necessarily a theme that my family or guests would spot every year (though sometimes they have, if it's been a color scheme, etc.). Mostly, it's just a device I use to narrow the countless choices out there for holiday decorating, food, etc.

This year I've decided to use the theme, "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem", for those of you who know the song, which Emmy Lou Harris and many others have recorded. The visual decorating surrounding that is easy, but I could use some help thinking about foods and ingredients that relate some way, whether it's through their name or cultural customs...or "stars". I don't use the theme excessively to pack our menus with cutesy items, but it's usually nice to have one or two items refer back to the theme and the year's holiday decorating scheme.

I'm not finding it easy to think of foods/ingredients that relate to "star"/"stars"/"light", but here are a few that have occurred to me thus far:

Star of anise
Starfruit (don't think I'll find that around here this time of year, though)
Starlite peppermint candies (great crushed to use in chocolate peppermint bark)
Champagne (via DP)--can do some kind of Champagne sauce or Champagne dessert

Any other inspirations? Thanks if you can help me out.

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