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"CHOW's Perfect Summer BBQ Pinterest Contest "

meatn3 | Jun 29, 2012 09:01 AM

As a CH & a Pinterest junkie I excitedly began clicking to see what I thought would be creative, exciting, original boards reflecting each persons ideas of a perfect, unique picnic.

Instead it is just filled with images from Chow. The same ones over and over. Where is the picnic on the floating dock? Where is the picnic served from a Vardo in a secluded valley? Where is there anything remotely original? Every one I saw was just simply regurgitating the same images over and over and (yawn) over.

Pinterest is becoming increasingly filled with promotional bs from companies. As strong of a stance as CH/Chow has against self promotion why would you want to dilute the quality/value of another site?

IMO a complete waste of time.

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