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Chowish Chinese Dinner in Sacto (the big tomato)

Robert | Jun 30, 200501:21 PM

Thursday (June 28th) six of us chow types hit the New Hong Wok for a family style dinner. We were happy.

The menu included:

Appetizers: 3 kinds of bar-b-q. That would be chicken, pork and chicken gizzards with spiced peanuts. There was a sauce of green onion, cilantro, garlic and oil. It was very popular.

Fish maw and shrimp soup. Yum. It was very popular.

Honey spiced pork ribs: they were sweet and spicy but I don't know that they were ribs. They were more like thin sliced pork with bone. They sure were good. It was very popular.

A crab dish. Done stir fry style, a little sweet, sort of a standard crab dish and how can you mess up crab. I guess you can but they didn't. It was very popular.

A mushroom and bok choy dish. I couldn't say how it was cooked except it was stir fried in a chicken stock thickened with corn starch with a little oyster sauce I guess. It was very popular.

The required steamed fish which I just love. It was very popular.

We got the $55 dinner for 5 or 6 and added one dish. That was a pork and oyster hot pot. It also had stir fried tofu. The tofu was particularly good. The fact that it was fried sealed the exterior which resulted in each bit tasting like a little cup of soup. Yum Yum. It was very popular.

We brought 3 bottles of wine, they charged $5 corkage each which is more than fair IMHO.

There were a couple of other dishes that I can't remember. Perhaps another attendee can help me here. I do remember that they were very popular.

We had a very nice young waitress who translated the complete hand printed "specials" on the wall (both sides). Finally I got to know what those suckers were. The pork oyster hot pot that we ordered was one of these dishes. They had a picture under one of these hand written specials yet I still couldn't make out what it was. She translated it as "duck chins". We talked about it for awhile, looked a little closer at the photo and realized it was duck bills! Man I was ready to order it but others were more reserved so it was the pork and oyster hot pot which was very popular.

One of the neat things about the young waitress doing the translating was her enthusiasm. She told us which ones she liked and was generally quite chatty.

The whole evening was just great. Lot's of good conversation etc.. We were there about two hours. We were the only caucasians in the place this evening which I always take a being a good sign. We'll have to do something like it again sometime. Maybe a pot luck picnic. We'll see.

I hope others in town make it next time.


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