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Chowing w/ the Hounds Food Superquiz & Answers

Curtis | Oct 14, 200404:34 PM

Well, it's taken a bit, but here are the complete questions and answers for the 1st Annual CWH Food Superquiz! I fashioned it after a traditional pub quiz and originally had planned on breaking it down into sets of approximately 10 questions in between food courses. However, due to the other events and the vast amount of food, it ended up coming right after dessert. Next year we'll try to break it up again, or I'll shorten it a bit.

I commend everyone for their patience and high level of food knowledge. Special congratulations to the top three teams:

1st Place "Team Ringer" - Melanie, Nick, Erica, Felice, Zack, and Nathan (perhaps next year we'll cap teams at four members ;) - score 51

2nd Place: Martin, Louise, Diana, and Cheryl - score 43

3rd Place: "SFMN" Shuna, Malik, Margot & Pim - score 28

**Very special thanks to the companies that generously donated the prizes:

1st Prize - $100 gift certificate from

2nd Prize - two bottles of extra virgin olive oil from Critelli Olive Oil Co.

3rd Prize - 2001 Russian River Zinfandel from Belvedere Vineyards


General Knowledge:

1. What are the five "mother" or basic sauces (grande sauces/sayces meres en francais)?
Ans. Espagnole/brune, Bechamel/blonde, Hollandaise/Mayonnaise, Veloute, Vinagrette (*tomato will also be accepted)

2. What brand of chewing gum was Chuck Yeager partial to chewing before breaking the sound barrier?
Ans. Beeman's

3. "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" was recently remade by an Hollywood studio. What is the name of the remake?
Ans. "Tortilla Soup" (starring Hector Elizando as the chef/father)

4. Name the four original marshmallow Lucky Charms:
Ans. Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons, Orange Stars, Green Clovers (blue diamonds, red balloons, purple horseshoes followed)

5. Scrapple was invented in what state?
Ans. Pennsylvania. Trivia aside - made using the pig's head, feet and tail, although teeth and eardrums are optional, the most nutritious and authentic do not omit.

6. Hangtown Fry was created in Placerville, California. What ingredients make up the dish and what was it's claim to fame during the Gold Rush era?
Ans. oysters, eggs, bacon - these were the most expensive ingredients of the day and cost approximately $6.00 back in the 1800's at the El Dorado Hotel in Placerville.

("official" synopsis of origin according to the "Hangtown Fryers" says that a down and out prospector finally struck it rich and strolled into the El Dorado and asked what the most expensive items on the menu were. The proprietor told him that eggs, bacon and oysters were the most dear, so he ordered a dish using all voila, the Hangtown Fry.)

7. What was the name of the fallen restaurant located on the 107th floor of the North tower of the World Trade Center?
Ans. Windows on the World - *Wild Blue also acceptable as this was the sister restaurant. Trivia aside - at the time of its destruction, WoW was the highest grossing restaurant in the country at $37.5M gross revenue

8. Name the two restaurants for which Alain Ducasse received a total of six stars in the 1998 Guide Michelin, a.k.a. "the Red Guide"
Ans. Alain Ducasse (Paris) & Louis XV (Monte Carlo), Restaurant Plaza Athenee is not correct as it opened after Alain Ducasse was closed and didn't get it's three stars until 2000

9. What beverage is an instrumental part of the diet for raising cattle for Kobe beef?
Ans. Beer (Bonus: what is the name of the breed of cattle raised in Kobe? Ans. Wagyu)

10. Three towns/regions of Southern France lay claim to invention of our most beloved and revered dish, Cassoulet. Name them:
Ans. Castelnaudary, Toulouse, Carcassonne

SF Bay Area Food Trivia:

11. Who was Evening Magazine's celebrity chef in the 80's? (hint, this preceded the Food Network)
Ans. Chef Tell (Friedman Paul Erhardt)

12. Where were San Francisco's beloved It's-It's invented and first sold?
Ans. Playland at the Beach (invented in 1928 by amusement park owner George Whitney)

13. What restaurant did Edsel Ford Fong work at as a waiter?
Ans. Sam Wo's (point deducted if you say SBC Park)

14. Name all restaurants currently owned by Pat Kuleto (Pat Kuleto Restaurant Development & Mngmt. Co.):
i. Boulevard
ii. Farallon
iii. Jardiniere
iv. Martini House
(Kuleto's, McCormick & Kuleto's ARE NOT owned by Pat Kuleto RDM, they are owned and operated by the Kimpton Group and McCormick & Schmick's respectively)

15. Where is the last standing Doggie Diner head/sign (in its original location)?
Ans. 2750 Sloat Blvd. @ 48th Ave./Across from the SF Zoo (points off again for saying SBC Park)
(trivia aside: then city Supervisor Gavin Newsom donated his full paycheck ($830) to go towards the repair and reinstallation of the Doggie head after it fell over during a storm in 2001)

16. What restaurant's slogan is "Rain or shine, there's always a line."?
Ans. Little Joe's

17. Prior to assuming the executive chef helm/mantle at Masa's, Auberge du Soleil and Spago Beverly Hills, name the perennial Chowhound favorite restaurant where Richard Reddington first starred and was named a "Rising Star" by the SF Chronicle.
Ans. Chapeau! (trivia aside, he served as stagiaire under Julian Serrano, early in his career)

18. Name the local San Franciscan who is responsible for one of our most celebrated local microbrews, and more recently an eponymously named locally made bleu cheese.
Ans. Fritz Maytag

19. What San Francisco ice cream parlor, started in 1948, serves the "Earthquake" and where is the original store located?
Ans. Swensen's, Russian Hill (Hyde @ Union)

20. Name the three famous sons of Joseph Gallo and the lawyer cum vintner who represented the Gallo Salame Company in the famous 1979 lawsuit.
Ans. Ernest, Julio, Joseph Jr. Gallo, Jess Jackson represented Joseph Gallo Jr.

21. What now defunct San Francisco Bakery gained much acclaim for its Coffee Crunch Cake?
Ans. Blum's

22. Where is the original Niman Ranch?
Ans. Marin County

General Food Knowledge:

23. What Japanese chewing gum with "hi-technical taste and flavor" enjoyed huge popularity during the dotcom boom from an initial mention in Wired magazine?
Ans. Black Black (by Lotte)
Bonus: what was it's distinguishing ingredient (ans. caffeine)

24. What candy treat did the Beatles favor? (Bonus: What did the American youth mistakenly hurl at the Fab Four upon their arrival in the U.S.?)
Ans. Jelly Babies (bonus ans. Jelly Beans)

25. In the movie Big Night, the feast for Louis Prima culminated in the serving of what extremely complicated and difficult to make dish?
Ans. Timpano di Macaroni (26 ingredients listed in recipe)

26. What popular dish was created and named for the Queen of Italy in 1889 and name the ingredients which correspond to the colors of the Italian flag?
Ans. Pizza Margherita (Queen Margherita wife of King Umberto I). Basil, Mozzarella, tomatoes

27. Which of the following is NOT a variety of heirloom tomato:
a. Black Krim
b. Stupice
c. Polish Giant
d. Sunbeam (answer)
e. Druzba
f. Money Maker

28. Name one of the two principal olive growing counties in California.
Ans. Tehama or Madera

29. In what year did Kenner first introduce the "Easy Bake Oven?" Bonus: Which of the following was NOT offered at one time as an add-on: a) popcorn popper, b) taffy machine, c) potato chip maker d) chocolate fondue set, e) bubble gum maker?
Ans. 1963, Bonus ans.: d) chocolate fondue set

30. What is the name of the sweet Norwegian cheese made from caramelized goat's or cow's milk?
Ans. Gjetost

31. Name the three types of tripe:
Ans. Blanket, Book/Leaf, Honeycomb

32. Skirt Steak is derived from which part of the bovine anatomy?
Ans. the diaphram

Food Songs (replayed upon request): (title and artist, 1 point for each)

33. Green Onions - Booker T & the MG's (00 - :15)

34. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel (3:12 - 3:42)

35. Breakfast in America - Supertramp (:19 - :36)

36. Sukiyaki - all 4 1/Kyu Sakamoto (:00 - :25)

37. Frim Fram Sauce - Diana Krall (:44 - 1:06)

38. Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan (1:46 - 2:12)

39. Banana Boat Song - Harry Bellafonte (1:08 - 1:23)

40. I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow (:14 - :47)

41. Cheeseburger in Paradise - Jimmy Buffet (:48 - 1:05)

Backup/Tiebreakers: (fortunately we didn't have a tiebreaker :)

A. What manufacturing city in Germany is world renowned for it's cutlery?
Ans. Solingen

B. What county on the California coast is responsible for supplying much of the world's

supply of sea urchin?
Ans. Mendocino

Whew! Now before you all start to think that this was too difficult, just know that there were very few questions that everyone missed. Just like the pub quizzes I tirelessly researched (The Chieftain, The Bitter End, Mad Dog in the Fog, The Nag's Head and King's X), I tried to put in a little something for everyone from haute cuisine to pop culture. Rest assured, it's mighty hard to stump a Chowhound!

Until next year...

a sante,

P.S. the quiz will hopefully be "reprinted" on the Offcial Chowing with the Hounds website along with the recipes and pictures of this fantastic event and Chowhound fundraiser! (thanks Rochelle)

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