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Two Chowhound’s Road Trip (Starting in the Southwest)


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Two Chowhound’s Road Trip (Starting in the Southwest)

Scargod | May 7, 2009 04:12 PM

Starting April 17th, Passadumkeg and Scargod (who met on Chowhound), started a road trip from Las Vegas to the coastal town of Ellsworth, Maine (Passadumkeg’s home). We spent ten days eating our way across the South and up the Atlantic coast, while traveling in a 1990 Miata. We are even still friends! We stayed with friends and relatives occasionally, along the way. Some meals were simple and some involved six people and hundreds of dollars. I researched many places that were along our trail; some we ate at, yet often we winged it. This thread will chronicle our adventures across the Southwest and then we will move to the Texas, Austin, New Orleans, South, Florida, Tri-State and finally the New England board. We will Permalink threads together so you can follow our progress. We took many photos…
This is a new experience for both of us and I cannot see posting all our eating experiences in one post and our photos are too numerous to post just four. So, I foresee a rolling dialog with posts that will include pictures of each place we ate at and other related images, while Mark and I go back and forth with our impressions of food, service and ambiance, of which we didn’t always agree. Still, we were good Chowhounds and shared and discussed almost everything we ate. Sometimes we swapped plates halfway through a meal!
My first meal was some lousy chili (at Chili’s), at La Guardia, before the flight out, but we will start when we first went out to dinner at “M” a relatively new resort (and casino), in the southernmost part of Las Vegas. It was not our idea but Mark’s brother’s wife, that we try the buffet, which is quite popular, at $19.00. With gambling charge card it went down to $17! They have seafood, some standard fare and Asian food. This includes sushi, raw oysters, planked salmon, snow crab legs, many desserts and a selection of about four wines. Wow! This sounds great till you realize that you must be there at 4PM if you want to eat by 7PM. You get a reservation to show up in the line about 45 minutes later. You then stand in a line for 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours before you get to eat! Is it worth it? I/we think not. The oysters were the biggest disappointment. They were not freshly shucked. They brought them out on huge trays and dumped them on the ice. They were very dirty and had an off-taste and texture, as if they had been shucked and frozen, or refrigerated for a long time. There was no liquor, or juice with the oysters. Crab legs were very good. Most fish was overcooked. It was a crapshoot, so you tried lots of things and there was lots of waste. This is abhorrent to us. People were rude, acting as if they were in a game show, where you competed for getting the food and how much of it you could eat before time was up. This was a strange environment, which I do not wish to revisit.
Drinks at the bar, "32", a draft beer bar where you can get 96 different draft beers: We sampled about five of them. Big Sky Moose Drool, Abita Amber, Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Abita Turbo Dog. I can't remember which I preferred..... all good…
We left Henderson, a suburb, the next morning before daylight. That may be the only reason we got out of the area, since they say bad things stay in Vegas…
We had breakfast in Kingman, AZ, at the Silver Spoon. We will address it in a future post.

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