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Chowhound's photos

Caroline1 | May 12, 200807:29 AM

Is there some way I'm not bright enough to figure out to access a master file that will give me quick access to all the photos of all posters without going through threads and clicking to each person's personal page and then clicking on their "Photos," only to find out they haven't posted any? (Hey, I *like* Dickensonian sentences, okay?)

The closest thing to an expeditious method I've been able to figure out so far is to go to the Cookbook of the Month threads in home cooking and scan for attached photos. Some people have incredible files of gorgeous home-cooked food, some people have only a few (me for instance), but most seem to have none.

Is there a giant Chowhound Photo Album lurking somewhere and I just haven't figured out how to get there? If not, I'd sure love to see one! ChowPeople, what about it?


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