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Chowhound's mission statement is gone?!?!?


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Chowhound's mission statement is gone?!?!?

Mr Taster | Jan 24, 2007 09:26 AM

Engineers: have you removed Chowhound's mission statement (the one written by Jim Leff) which explains what Chowhounds are, why Chowhounds are not foodies, how Chowhounds are non-commercial, etc.

On the original Jim Leff Chowhound, this mission statement used to be a front page spash that you had to click through in order to get to the boards, so *everyone* who was new to the boards saw it. (If you were an old-time user you could bookmark the index page to bypass the mission statement). The splash page clearly defined why Chowhound was different than other food boards.

In CNET's version 2, it was hidden away in some obscure sub-menu ("about chowhound" or something)', so not many people ever knew it existed, but at least it was there.

Now in CNET version 3, it seems that Chowhound's mission statement has been removed entirely. I discovered this because I was going to point the link to a newbie who referred to himself as a 'foodie', and realized the statement was nowhere to be found.

Please tell me it's still here, somewhere........... this mission statement should not be lost. It should be used as a blueprint for all future modifications to this site.

Mr Taster
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