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Chowhounds hit Koreatown! - LONG! :D

Dommy! | Aug 15, 200401:06 AM

As some of you may recall, my family is from the Caribbean. So my favorite comfort food is white rice and black beans. As for my second favorite, it’s white rice again, but with kimchee. I LOVE Korean food, so it’s no wonder when a fellow chowhound mentioned going to Kobawoo in Korean Town, I just had to tag along

Well today, was the day. I was the last to arrive and everyone had already decided what we were going to order. So all I had to do was order a Hite (Korean beer of course!) and wait to start…

And it wasn’t a very long wait, the panchan got served within minutes. Kimchee, cold noodles, spicy pickles and marinated radish. Not the most varied panchan I’ve had, But all VERY tasty (Especially the pickles!)

And then we were off to the races… First dish…

Kobawoo Bosam, a large dish of boiled pork slices with marinated radish slices, cabbage, salted shrimp (More like a salty paste) and pickled peppers and HEAP of what the menu called ‘Spicy Mixture’. Each component was separate on the large dish and we were supposed to fold the pork garnished with some the mixture and/or salted shrimp in the cabbage or radish or both! The flavors, spicy, salty, vinagar was a wonderful way to compliment the simple boiled pork...

Then, in no particular order appeared…

Haemul Pan Jun, a HUGE seafood pancake with Shrimp, Mussels and other goodies. When I garnished my slice with the ‘spicy mixture’ and I was in heaven…

Jangban Guksoo, which was acorn noodles (especially made for Kobawoo) surrounded by various veggies, like mushrooms, and bean sprouts. The texture and taste of the acorn noodles was VERY different, this was definitely one of my favorite dishes…

Of course you have to have… Bulgogi! The marinade on this thin sliced rib eye was wonderfully sweet and Onions that accompanied it, a perfect compliment. When it came time to make some room on the table, NO one had trouble cleaning the plate of this dish!

Eundaegu Jorim, slices of Black Cod simmered in a sweet, spicy garlic sauce over THICK slices of Radish. Again, the presentation on this dish was BEAUTIFUL. The sauce was unlike any of the others on the table. The waiter recommended this and we were all glad we gave it a shot. BUT, look out for bones!

And finally… Bibimbap!! This place is much better than Jeon Ju, my usual stop for a Bibimbap fix, much better quality veggies, meats and even the RICE was tastier here! Just for those who don’t know… Bibimbap is a rice dish that is served in a heated stone/clay bowl. On top are the veggies, meat and a fried egg. The bowl is so hot the rice sizzles inside and you stir like mad until you get this incredible mixture of tastes and rice on the side gets all crispy… Hmmm… yeah, this was my favorite dish of the lunch…

As usual, a chowhound event has lots wonderful chatter. As well sat, catching up, thinking our meal was over, the waiter came by and gave us all these beautiful ceramic tumblers full of what appeared to be some sort of tea! Floating inside mine were two pine nuts, again, to make the presentation almost too good to eat… ALMOST.I took a sip and it wasn’t tea at all… but this sweet, starchy, smooth I dunno what! (In fact, I don’t! I forgot to write the name of it! Drat!). The waiter described it as a rice water drink meant to aid digestion. Wonderful way to end the meal…

But that was the end of that meal… we are Chowhounds afterall, and soon the topic of dessert came up… and everyone clamored when someone mentioned… Mochi! So off we went, down the street to San Soo Dang (8th and Vermont). Also in a shopping center, with not the most obvious sign, but it was Mochi heaven (Mochi in this case being little confectionaries made with pounded gluttonous rice!).

The shop is run by a rather curt little Korean woman, it’s great that they have samples available! LOL! I tried two different ones and then had to take a package of each home. The first, little mochi balls with red bean paste and walnuts inside… The second, being little slices of ooey gooey rice (You can still see the grains) pressed together with little bits of raisins… Hmmm…

And after saying good bye to everyeone, I was on my way home…Well… actually… not before I stopped at La Flor De Yucatan Bakery and bought some Kibbehs and Yucatecan tamales for dinner tonight… hoping that our next Chowhound meal come soon… although in respect of my girlish figure… not too soon…Heh! :D

689 S. Vermont Ave. #90085
Los Angeles, Ca 90005
(213) 389-7300

San Soo Dang
761 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90005
(213) 487-1717

Flor De Yucatan
1800 S Hoover St
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 748-6090


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