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How much does your chowhounding cost?!


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How much does your chowhounding cost?!

curiouskatie | Feb 28, 2006 12:42 PM

I just read an article of the self-help variety in the local paper. A man wrote in complaining that he didn't know how to cook and, as a result, was spending $16 a day on food. Lots of angry and agonised responses, including one that read "I'd need a second job if both adults in my house were eating almost $500 of food a month."
This got me thinking about my own 'hounding. I'm a student and so really don't have much cash. Although I frequent a lot of divey places, I also manage to splurge about once a week and I'm sure I spend as much as our reviled poster -- yesterday, for example, hot chocolate with real whipped cream in the afternoon, expensive muscatel raisins, organic steak and milk from the grocery store, etc. That's before I even start on wine -- my true love.
Just curious about whether other posters also find that their love of good food is also a financial drain? Any stories or tips? Please do share.

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