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Chowhound Shamshiri Grill Lunch

Chino Wayne | Mar 15, 200410:40 PM

On Sunday afternoon twenty ‘hounds converged on Shamshiri Grill for a late lunch. Towards the end of the conclave a certain ‘hound who gives the impression of moving quickly proposed that this correspondent be tasked on reporting on the activity as penance for arriving an hour late. While certainly kinetically challenged in comparison to the gentleman who made the nomination, this correspondent is still much more nimble of mind, and swiftly acquiesced, figuring that writing a report is better than being stiffed with the check.

So, while the Mrs. and I were lollygagging on the 10 freeway our fellow ‘hounds began this repast with Panir O’Sazbzi (feta cheese with fresh herbs, radishes and green onions) and the combination appetizer platter (dolmeh, baba ganoush, mast o’kiar, hummus and falafel). As the Mrs. and I joined the party the main events began arriving at the table, as near as I can recollect they included: Albalou Polo (braished lamb shank with basmati rice that was strewn with sour cherries), Fesenjian (braised chicken smothered in a walnut and pomegranate puree), Chicken Koobideh (ground chicken kabob), Joojeh Kabob (broiled, skinless game hen), Beef Koobedih (skewers of broiled ground beef), Barg (heart of tenderloin skewered and broiled) and Shish Kabob (skewers of broiled filet mignon). Many of the entrees included broiled tomato, onion and green pepper, and of course rice.

Of all of the meats, I gotta say the Shish Kabob was the best, probably because my crude palate does not appreciate the subtleties of the seasonings on the other meats. The second reason the Shish Kabob was the best, and probably more importantly, is because the Mrs. liked it, and she did not realize that it was not burnt to a carbonized crisp, it actually had a little touch of pinkness in it, enough that it actually exuded some juices which flavored the adjacent rice, and the Mrs. really enjoyed the meat and the meat juice suffused rice!

This is a very significant event in the annals of the Chino Wayne family saga, and I must repeat for emphasis: The Mrs. liked it (the non-hockey puck meat), and she did not realize that it was not burnt to a carbonized crisp, it actually had a little touch of pinkness in it, enough that it actually exuded some juices which flavored the adjacent rice. Little by little, ever so slowly I am turning the Mrs. in to a true, blue ‘hound, it has only been 32 years, in another 30 or so, why she will be eating all the good stuff.

The other dish that I really enjoyed was the rice with sour cherries. I had never had rice like this before. The grains were infinitesimal, almost microscopic, with a seeming absence of all starch, as the grains did not stick to each other, but each existed in its own realm adjacent to, but not bonded to its neighboring grains. I had the feeling that had I sneezed, the rice would have scattered in the wind. The sweetness of the cherries and the lightness of the rice were such that the dish could have been called dessert.

I am sure I have not covered every dish, so those ‘hounds who want to fess up can chime in and fill in the blanks that I have left.

As is usual at these gatherings the hat was passed for Chowhound and plans were made for the next “event”. The cost per person for this feast (including tax and tip) worked out to $22.00. My only regret is that everyone left so soon after eating, I would have liked to have sat around all afternoon chatting with some very unique people (‘hounds), but my backside appreciated our departure from a very hard, and small chair.

Oh, and the Mrs. was still hungry after, so to satisfy certain persons’ baser needs, we did do a circuit through the Krispy Kreme drive through lane. God that stuff is awful, it’s a good thing that I do have some standards, and a visit to Krispy Kreme once every six months is enough to satisfy any cravings for that fake food.

One strange phenomenon, though, basically I had the lunch described above yesterday, and a few, well OK, four, Krispy Kreme donuts for dinner, but when I woke up this morning I was practically in Diabetic shock, with a blood glucose level of 53, which is definitely hypoglycemic. So what scientific conclusion does that lead to? That the goodness of Persian food counter-acts the badness of American fast food sugar delivery systems, no?

Shamshiri Grill
1712 Westwood Boulevard
(Between Santa Monica & Massachusetts)
L.A. 90024

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