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Chowhound ripped off in new Bon Appetit?


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Chowhound ripped off in new Bon Appetit?

KB | Aug 4, 2005 10:32 AM

So the latest (September) Bon Appetit came to my house yesterday (it's not MY subscription! I think it's total dreck! ha), with its focus on the five best restaurant cities in the country.

New York's entry not only mentions Sripraphai and Angon on the Sixth in some detail ("this is what I hear the locals love to eat there"-type stuff), places which--let's be real here--I mean, the NY Times has dealt with them, but isn't that because Chowhound did? The writer went so far as to mention "tandoori-hounds," which evoked a raised eyebrow or two on my part. Of course, Chowhound itself received no mention. I have a feeling it deserved one.

(And of course I should be saying this on the Outer Boroughs board, but man, I think I have to kiss Sri goodbye, what with all the expansion, the freaking Bon Appetit mention, and the fact that the last meal I had there [pre-expansion] was underwhelming and, I thought, gringo-fied. I am so, so bummed.)

Anyway, did anyone else notice these little tidbits in the latest issue? I'm (obviously) a New Yorker, so I don't know if this happened in any of the other city profiles, but did anyone notice anything like that too?

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