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Chowhound restaurant pet peeves

Bill Jr | Jul 3, 2000 03:58 PM

Ok, all you experienced restaurant diners. You've been around the block. Given your long experience, what are your pet restaurant peeves? We've all got 'em, no matter how or where you dine.

There may well be all sorts of restaurant people reading this. Here's your chance to send a message.

I have a little list, but will start us off with this:
I can't stand reserving a table, only to arrive on time and be told I have to wait. Yes, it's a question of how long is too long, which is not an objective question. Ten minutes is not too long, usually. Thirty minutes almost always is. I am at the doctor's office?

Especially if nobody on the staff is apologetic about it. In fact, the staff,and how they handle it, has a lot to do with how long is too long, for me anyway.

So I am really interested to hear what makes the hounds growl about restaurants. Hound peeves?

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