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It's a Chowhound potluck or dinner party.. two dishes (with a caveat) and a wine, beer or cocktail if you wish

shanagain | Feb 25, 201205:08 PM

So we're having the world's largest dinner party and/or potluck (there are some who would object to this idea, so it's dinner party all the way for them) and you're thinking of two dishes.

One is the one dish you'd make to help represent your presence here on the boards. The other, though, is that dirty secret. The one you make frequently but would never, ever bring to this table for fear of rejection, ridicule, too-heated debate or whatever Chow-ish tomfoolery springs to mind.

I'd bring fried chicken. So simple, so perfect. And because I'm just "like that" I'd make pina colada jello shots.

I would never, ever subject my bolognese to you all. It's too bastardized at this point to be recognized as anything Marcella would endorse, and even though I make it all the time (including right now, which prompted this navel-gazing) I just couldn't share it.

Any takers for the next dishes?

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