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The Chowhound Police


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The Chowhound Police

NicoleFriedman | Feb 12, 2007 12:39 PM

I realize that one of my more recent posts was quite controversial as the topic (not started by me by the way) was on food taboos. This was on the Gereral Chowhound Topics board. I do not understand why the post and subsequently the entire thread was removed- if someone does not want to read about food taboos they do not need to open the thread. Instead of deleting posts and/or threads, why not implement a "tag" to alert chowhounders that there may be "risque" or controversial posts in a particular thread. This policing disturbs me greatly as we could be discussing so much more than just dining and eating- politics, anthropology, psychology all apply to the subject of food- and many of these discussions could potentially be deemed controversial and deletable- and they should not be.

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