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Chowhound jargon glossary?


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Chowhound jargon glossary?

MC Slim JB | Feb 6, 2009 05:17 PM

I had to laugh at a recent Boston Magazine take on Chowhound jargon (from this article "Like Smurfs, posters have a fondness for neologisms." Example: "I know it's not very chowish, but I like Big Macs."

Leaving aside the fact that that's a really terrible, misleading example of a typical Chowhound post, I have to ask: Really? We use a lot of neolgisms? How much jargon is specific to this site that might be difficult for first-time visitors? I can think of exactly two:

1) Chowish, adj. True to the spirit of the Chowhound Manifesto, i.e., relentless in the pursuit of delicious food at every level (from the refined to the everyday); open-minded, curious and trailblazing rather than following; and not unduly swayed by self-styled authorities, novelty-crazed trend-followers, industry PR manipulation, or media-generated hype.

2) Hound, n. A Chowhound, someone who posts or lurks on Chowhound at least on a semi-regular basis, perhaps with the connotation that their instincts are chowish.

And that's about all I can think of. We use a few abbreviations and jargon words that are in general use on Internet bulletin boards (e.g., "OP" for "original poster", the user who created the topic, "thread" for a post with multiple responses, etc.). And each regional board has its own set of abbreviations related to geography (e.g., "UES" for the Upper East Side in Manhattan).

But what other jargon words are peculiar to Chowhound? For the smurf of me, I can't smurf of a single smurfin' other smurf.

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