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Chowhound Font & Style Updates

patsully | Jan 28, 201906:22 PM     72

Hi all, tomorrow afternoon we’ll be rolling out an update to Chowhound’s style guide across the full site, including the community.

At first glance, you’ll notice that we’re moving to a simpler black and white color scheme and some bolder fonts with no major updates to functionality, but we also wanted to highlight a few specific efforts we have made to make the community easier on the eyes.

Making your Posts Stand out

We're introducing a beautiful new display font called Playfair to make your post titles stand out better. We’re also cleaning up the overall text styles to provide for a cleaner reading experience.

Easier to Spot New, Updated, and Viewed Posts

Chowhound has historically relied on color coding to help indicate when you’ve previously viewed a discussion thread.

Going forward, we’d like to make this more explicit by adding a text label for each discussion - a “new post” indicator when not yet viewed (living up to a week after its initial posting), a “new comment(s)” indicator when there are updates to the discussion you have not viewed, and a handy “viewed” note when there are no updates since you’ve last checked in.

A More Accessible Experience

In addition to text labels for the community feed, we have been enhancing the User Interface (UI) to ensure people with visual impairments can still access Chowhound - we have ensured that links and buttons are clearly contrasted and are easier to engage with.

A More Condensed Feed

For those who use the collapsed view of community feeds, we’ve updated tags to render as simple text links to save space, while maintaining the helpful “new post,” “new comment,” and “viewed” text indicators.

A Better Mobile Feed

We've also been working hard to make it faster to switch between the Detailed and Compact community feeds on both your desktop computer and mobile devices. You will also still be able to sort your feed however you wish - by latest posts or latest responses.

We always want to identify effective ways to improve the overall experience, so we’ll be paying close attention to your feedback here. We’ll answer any questions that come up and prioritize improvements if these updates have resulted in any broken functionality or confusion.

We’re simultaneously working on additional efforts, so don’t hesitate to post unrelated feedback in new or ongoing threads on those subjects here in Site Feedback. Thanks!

*January 29th UPDATE* We had a little issue with this afternoon's roll out, as the new styles were loading inconsistently. We plan to clean out the cobwebs and re-launch tomorrow, January 30th.

*January 30th UPDATE*: And we're live! Please leave your feedback here and we'll address it as soon as we're able. We plan to make small adjustments to the new styles as needed over the coming weeks. Thank you!

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