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Chowhound Extremis

Blinky T | Oct 8, 2002 09:12 PM

I believe I once witnessed the most extreme display of Chowhoundliness EVER, but I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps someone, somewhere out there, can help shed some light on a most bizarre scenario.

Several years ago my spouse & I were on vacation in Rome & enjoying an nice, if overpriced, dinner at Tullio. Things were...normal, until we looked several tables over & noticed a couple in their mid-thirties having dinner with their daughter, who was about 9 or 10. Now what was unusual was that while the husband & daughter ate their meals as if nothing was wrong, the wife/mother was hysterically crying. I mean bawling! Ane neither the husband nor daughter seemed to take the slightest notice of her. Nor did they attempt to comfort her. They never even stop eating. Even more strange, after their meal the husband actually ordered coffee & dessert!

For the entire evening, my spouse & I racked our brains trying to come up with some plausible scenario which could possibly explain what the heck was going on with these people. Death, divorce, adultry, alien abduction - but we always came up short trying to figure out how a woman could be so upset without it affecting her husband & especially daughter. Now I know Italians LOVE good food, but I think this was taking things too far. Is there anybody out there who has a REALISTIC theory about this bizarre display of Chowhound Extremis? Has anybody ever seen anything which could compare?

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