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Chowhound cliches

rusty_s | Oct 27, 201107:35 AM

I need to start this by saying that I love Chowhound. I have found some brilliant recipes and some hidden restaurant gems. I respect the reviews here more than the ones I read anywhere else.
However, after years of reading posts, there are a few things that happen so often, it's both amusing and irritating.

(1) "Hi, New City people! I just moved here from Old City [in a completely different part of the US]! Where can I find really good/authentic [regional specialty for which Old City is known]?" Bonus points if the 'hound expresses irritation at the New City's restaurant's lack of proficiency in making Old City's regional specialty food. I.e., "The allegedly Maryland-style crabcakes in Colorado Springs were NOT up to my standards!!"

(2) Whenever someone asks about where to find a specific prepared food, someone inevitably tells them that they can make it themselves. I.e., "Which store has the best selection of stilton?" "You know, with a little perserverance, you can learn to make all kinds of cheeses yourself, and will find that the commercially prepared versions pale in comparison."

Anyone have anything to add?

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