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Chowhound Chowdown at YoMa--10/17


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Chowhound Chowdown at YoMa--10/17

Sugar04 | Oct 19, 2007 05:39 AM

Graciously organized by Allstonian, 12 hounds converged on YoMa for a Burmese feast earlier this week. The descriptions below support all the fresh/unusual/interesting/great combination of flavors reviews posted here before, which were what inspired the Chowdown in the first place.

A very good value overall, as we paid $12.00 each for a good grazing sample of lots of the menu. The flavors were powerful and unusual, so next time, I would actually go back for a smaller sampling of dishes to really focus on the individual elements.

Some photos to follow of the varied dishes soon, when other diners chime in!
Descriptions taken straight from the menu followed by brief commentary.

A4 — Burmese Samusar ($4.95)
(Fried crispy pastry filled with potato, shallot, cabbage, and spice powder)
Fried-up potato goodness. Very similar to an Indian samosa, but smaller, lighter, more subtle potato filling and less greasy than those can tend to be. Esp. since softball sized samosas can be all too ubiquitous.

A5 – JetThonJaw ($5.75)
(Pancake style tempura fried shredded shallot and batter mixed)
These were a table favorite. Spicy, crispy fried-up goodness. A sort of Burmese latke? Shallots really added a nice and unusual punch.

All the below salads were delicious and very fresh. I could definitely enjoy an entire plate of these as as a hot Summer evening meal. I preferred the non-meat version overall. The melding of flavors was unusual and refreshing before we moved on to some of the main plates.

T5 — ThaYetTheeThot (Green mango salad) ($6.25)
(Shredded fresh sour mango mixed with shredded cabbage, fresh shallot, grounded dried shrimp, roasted chili flake, grounded peanut, and cilantro)

T7 — WatTharThot(Roasted Pork salad) ($7.25)
(Roasted pork mixed with lemon grass, lime, shredded cabbage, cucumber, tomato, fresh shallot, roasted chili flake, garlic, and cilantro, and crispy grounded sweet rice)

T8 — AaMaeTharThot(Roasted Beef salad) ($7.45)
(Roasted beef mixed with lemon grass, lime, shredded cabbage, cucumber, tomato, fresh shallot, roasted chili flake, garlic, garlic sauce, cilantro, and crispy grounded sweet rice)

B2 — ShwePaYonTheeHin ($9.25)
(Oriental sweet pumpkin cooked with jumbo shrimp, tomato, ginger, shallot, lemongrass, and cilantro)
This was my favorite main dish overall. I'll go back for a full serving. The pumpkin appeared to be a more pedestrian squash or potato, but when tasted revealed pumpkin sweetness that went really nicely with the other elements of the "curry."

B3 — KhaYanTheeNut ($9.25)
(Oriental egg plant cooked with grounded peanut, shallot, garlic, ginger and tomato)
Soft and satisfying, but not toally memorable in terms of spices

B4 — MyitChinHin ($8.95)
(Sliced sour bamboo shoots cooked with tender pork, sweet roasted rice flour, shallot, garlic, ginger, chili, tomato and cilantro)
Interesting, but an acquired taste as the bamboo shoots really delivered a sour kick that, in some opinions, took over the dish.

B7 — Chicken Curry with Potato ($7.95)
(Chicken cooked with tomato, potato, ginger, garlic, shallot, and spice seasoning)
I can't remember if I tasted this...

D1 — ChinPoung Jaw ($4.85)
(Sour roselle leaf stir fried with shallot, garlic, green chili, spicy red chili flake, bamboo shoot, fish sauce, and salted dried shrimp)
One of the most unusual dishes, displaying the most assertive Southeast Asian elements--lots of fish sauce and fermentation. I found this too strong for my palate, but well worth trying as an authentic side-dish.

D3 — MyitJaw ($4.85)
(Bamboo shoot stir fried with Burmese baked bean, shallot, garlic, turmeric powder, and crispy shallot on top)
Don't think that I tried this

Y2 — OhnNoteKhotSwe ($6.75)
(Coconut chicken soup in wheat flour noodle, served with shredded fresh shallot, and crispy fried rice noodle on top)
This was very rich and to my taste, displayed a pretty direct combination of Indian/Thai cuisine. The coconut element tasted like a combination of Thai coconut curry mingled w/ the richness of an Indian coconut chutney. The richness was tempered by an underlying chili flavor. Liked the texture of the noodles. Soft, but still with a little satisfying bit.

Y4 — MeeShay ($7.65)
(Slow roasted pork stew with spicy soy bean sauce, Udon style rice noodle, pickle green mustard, bean sprout, cilantro, and scallion)
Don't think that I tried this

Y5 — SiJetKhotSwe ($7.65)
(Steam wheat flour egg noodle with roasted pork, crunchy shallot, garlic sauce, and scallion served with spicy coleslaw)
Don't think I tried this.

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