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Chowhound on autocorrect?

seal | Jun 24, 201210:17 AM

I've been an active participant here on the boards for what seems like a long time. There have some worthwhile contributions from me and some rambling posts that should have waited for sleep and sobriety. I respect a lot of people I've never met here.
Usually my posts are either reviews or straight up questions, but this decision is different. I love and miss the spicy crawfish and the foie at Guy and the full breakfast with pastry from Bouchon and so much more. So here lies my problem. What can I get in Vegas that I cannot get in the NYC metro area?
To answer this I thought I would seek advice from those urbane NY hounds that travel to Vegas. So I posted this very question on the Manhattan board. By the time I got back from morning errands it had been moved to the Las Vegas board.
So I wonder. Is this site on autocorrect? Or did some admin actually read my post and decide that I am not allowed to even ask such a question of New Yorkers?
Maybe I just didn't read all the fine print. It's probably in the rules somewhere. I'm probably being silly thinking there is some value in what I thought I wanted. But I wonder.

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