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Chowhound Assignment:Late Night-Streetside.Downtown Austin Texas.


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Chowhound Assignment:Late Night-Streetside.Downtown Austin Texas.

scrumptiouschef | Oct 27, 2007 11:30 AM

Let's get to the bottom of the matter.

A lot of new food carts are popping up downtown after dark.

How good are they?

Who can give the Best Wurst guy [ who,aside from the stale buns,is good] a run for his money?

The other night when I got my Al Pastor taco from El Rapido [ formerly good ] the guy put cheese and lettuce on it and I had to restrain myself from lunging into the cart and giving him a good thrashing.Blasphemy.The taco was bad bad bad.It wouldn't have been good adorned with what the gods of cookery ordained are the standard garnishes[Cilantro,Onion and Lime]but it was angeringly bad with lettuce and cheese....on AL PASTOR? Come on.

Hoeks streetside is gone.Relocated to the punkrock treehouse 3rd floor of Headhunters so they're off this map of discussion.

Let's lay down some physical boundaries:The Eastern Border is I-35.The Western Border is Guadalupe.The Northern Border is 8th Street.The Southern Border is Cesar Chavez.

If 10pm is "getting kind of late" you are excused from this discussion.However,I've noticed there are a few hounds who regularly post around 2 to 3 o'clock in the morning and this assignment should fit nicely in their world of late night liquor and food based revelry.

After this post garners a good 30 or 40 responses we'll move East of the highway where MPH can weigh in with extreme gravitas on the Eastside Taco Cart Wars of 2007.It's my favorite food zone as well but lately I've found myself on the Westside quite a bit at bartime and I need some guidance on this important matter.

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