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Welcome to the New Chowhound

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I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am the General Manager of Chowhound. I joined CBS Interactive a little over a year ago and I’ve been working with the team on all the changes you’re seeing today.

Some background: I worked at Google for a number of years, across France (where I’m from) and California. I then moved on to redesign Flickr in 2013 before joining the amazing group of people who work on Chowhound.

I can hardly contain my excitement about what we’re doing today. This is a big change and big changes are never easy. But I deeply believe in our new direction and that it will propel the site forward.

My personal food journey can definitely be divided in two halves: before Chowhound and after I discovered Chowhound. That’s the reason I joined the company and I know it’s also the reason why so many of you visit the site so regularly.

That defining moment begins when you stumble upon a detailed Chowhound post that contains invaluable information about a food-related topic. It may inspire you to learn more about the ingredients, the culture, and the history of what you're about to relish. No other food community online can offer the depth of expertise and breadth of interest that Chowhounds offer.

Over the last few months we’ve been working very hard on the new site, with the goal of shining a light on the Chowhound brand, the vibrant community that has created a wealth of information for the food-obsessed.

Welcome to the new Chowhound!

*New (Old) Brand
We're re-branding the site from Chow to Chowhound across the board.

Chowhound.com will be the domain for the site, and the Chow brand has been retired. This is a signal of our appreciation to you, our most loyal Chowhounds, and a commitment to the community that has made the site a great place to visit for almost twenty years.

*New Logo & Colors
Chowhound is the one-word description of a vibrant community where avid and knowledgeable members gather to enhance each other’s love of food. To represent this, we chose the friendlier lines of the new logo and a more inviting palette of colors.

*Locations & Tags
As the site has grown, vibrant Communities have grown around major hubs like the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Boston, Toronto, San Diego, and more. We’ve taken care to maintain your ability to participate in these communities going forward, while adding locations including states, cities, and countries that have been sorely underrepresented on Chowhound over the years. It will take time to grow these new locations, and adjust our tag set accordingly, but we’re now set up to allow any enthusiastic 'hound to grow their own little corner of the site the way the original Chowhounds established a foothold in their town.

Tags make this experience even more powerful, allowing you to filter any Community or Location by cuisines, techniques, ingredients, and more to find just the discussion you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to follow any Tag, to stay up to date on the newest posts from thousands of niche subject areas. Love Japanese whisky, banh mi, and dim sum? You can now keep a careful eye on all three.

*Personalized Homepage and Live Feed
The homepage feed is a brand-new creation, personalized for you as a result of the Communities, Locations, Tags, users, and posts you follow, sorted by last reply first. New comments are aggregated, with snippets displayed in each card to keep you up to date with active posts at a glance.

We’ll continue to improve on the homepage, increasing our aggregation to decrease the number of times you see a post appear and utilizing the tags you follow to make it increasingly relevant to you on each visit to the site.

For those of you who want to browse everything new on Chowhound completely unfiltered, we’ve just put the finishing touches on a new Live Feed: http://www.chowhound.com/latest

*New FAQ
If you have any questions about the new design and features, we’ve done a major update of our FAQ: www.chowhound.com/faq

*Next Steps:

1) Adding original post timestamps to all feeds, including the Homepage, Community, and Location feeds

2) Search: Our new search results are *just* getting started, and we’ll have a number of improvements over the short term, including:
- Maintaining the Community, Location, or Tag where your search originated as a filter on your results
- Adding additional search filters for the mobile site, including the Community, Location, and Tag filter options you see on desktop

3) Adding Link and Photo Story features to the new posting flow

Our job is not done yet. We will continue to improve these features with the help of your feedback. Please share your constructive criticism here on this post or if you prefer via our email moderators@chowhound.com.

Georges Haddad

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