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Chowchef challenge: low carb AND vegetarian!


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Chowchef challenge: low carb AND vegetarian!

The Pie Queen | Apr 25, 2002 08:20 PM

I read with interest a recent thread about being a health-conscious chowhound. Didn't get a chance to reply, but I meant to. Anyway, here's my very belated two cents. I think it's definitely possible to be a chowhound who restricts fat and calorie intake, but it ain't easy.

Here's my deal. A few months ago my boyfriend (whom I live with) turned vegetarian. A while later I went on a low-carb diet, having weighed myself and realized that I put on 20 pounds in the past year. The diet I'm on is great, in my opinion. It's NOT Atkins, which I personally feel is too hard on the liver, kidneys, and heart to be worth the rapid weight loss. It's low but not no carb, and it's very low fat as well. To be specific, during the weight loss phase I can have 1 portion of whole grain in the morning along with a protein, and then that's it for carbs for the rest of the day. For lunch and dinner I have a protein, fruit, veggie, and lettuce, with 3 protein snacks during the day. It was pretty brutal at first but I stopped feeling hungry pretty quickly, and also had tons more energy. I've lost 12 pounds in about 6 weeks.

Anyway, my man and I like to cook a lot, and our nearly opposite diets have made this a real challenge. He does still eat fish, so we eat that sometimes, but I don't like most "fishy fish" like salmon, so we're limited in our choices there. Most low carb cookbooks are high fat and heavy on the meat. (Honestly, it burns my ass to pick up a so-called "diet" cookbook that advocates making fake french toast from ground pork rinds. Nasty!) Tonight I made peppers stuffed with corn, onions, tomatoes, lowfat cheese and eggs, and that was good, but not quite right for my diet. We can of course make separate things, but that's a pain.

So this is my challenge: vegetarian low (basically no) carb food. I don't really know what to do with tofu, so any tofu recipes or tips would be great. Other vegetarian meat substitutes are a complete mystery. Good trout and other white-fleshed fish recipes would be awesome. And for the times when I cook just for me, anything with ground turkey breast, chicken breast, or other lowfat meats.

I'm begging you to take the time to respond! Lowcarb sites online all just want to sell you stuff...I actually bought one of their cookbooks, only to discover that half the recipes included soup mixes and the like from their product line! Arrrgh!

Thanks in advance,
The Pie (made with splenda and soyflour, ugh) Queen

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