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Chow-worthy Mail-Order / On-Line Food

chilibaby | Jul 23, 2008 05:48 PM

"Home Cooking" doesn't quite seem like the right board. On the other hand, I am not sure where else to post this...

Because a reliable hound friend of mine could stop talking about it, I recently sent out some Jeni's ice cream as a gift that was exceedingly well received. (see,

This dovetailed with the experience of buying some fantastic lavendar cheese "thimbles" from Shy Brothers at a local farm store and noticing that you can order this from their website:

And finally, wondering what types of chow-worthy ready-to-go high-protein food/meals I might be able to send to a relative recovering from surgery...

All this has led me to wonder what else is out there for mail-order or on-line food buying. There could be a whole world of deliciousness that I haven't thought of tapping in to. Could I get Michoacan carnitas delivered to my door? Mangosteens? The best prosciutto you could ever imagine?

What companies or products are your go-to's for gift food for foodie friends or a treat for yourself?

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