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Chow wallpaper ... seriously?


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Chow wallpaper ... seriously?

rworange | Jan 8, 2010 01:38 PM

This site is fuill of bugs. The mobile application doesn't work well. Every single installation has brought more problems.

The site is so glacially slow that even someone who is an avid fan of Chowhound has given up even on reading most of my local board.

So even if this is something that may not impact the major work, to put thru such a frivolous change which had to involve SOME tech support ... seriously?

This sums up Chowl. Push thru a bunch of changes that don't work, that don't address the needs of the community. It looks good to upper mangement while alientating more and more posters.

Really, who do you think this will attract?

And even if I was so inclined to check the wallpaper out, my bet is it is full of bugs.

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