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CHOW: Thanksgiving Headquarters... Now & Forever

Jim Leff | Dec 2, 201411:49 AM     1

I just wanted to congratulate the proprietors of CHOW for going the extra mile with its permanent re-branding as "Thanksgiving Headquarters" (see up at the top of the page).

In lesser hands, that would have just been a cheap, corny pre-holiday marketing shtick; the sort of hack move that makes Chowhound's savvy community grimace and smack its collective forehead. But maintaining that rebranding even AFTER THE HOLIDAY...that is just brilliant! I love that it's always going to be Thanksgiving at CHOW!

This staunch, ballsy commitment will pay off! In the dead of April, when we'll be glimpsing that logo and thinking wistfully of turkey, cranberry, and congenial good cheer. 'Cuz THESE are the qualities CHOW believes in, 365 goddam days per year!!

Can I get a "Wooooooooo!!!"?

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