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"Chow Microclimates"

Bob W. | Dec 8, 2003 01:26 PM

I think I have just stumbled upon, and named, a fascinating concept: the chow microclimate.

The chow in question that caused me to create this term is something called a "dynamite," which apparently is available only at certain eateries in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It's apparently some sort of spicy sloppy joe served on a sub roll. I discovered references to it on the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council web site.

Now, I consider myself pretty well versed in the foods of Rhode Island, but even having grown up just a few miles from Woonsocket, I had never until last week even heard of a "dynamite," much less tried one.

That led to my thinking up the term "chow microclimate," which would refer to a specific food available only within strictly defined boundaries, but at more than one eatery.

This definition would EXCLUDE localized names for more widely available foods, such as the use of the term "spukky" for a submarine sandwich in some parts of Boston.

Thoughts? Other examples? I see a book waiting to be written. I see major pub in the New Yorker.

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