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Chopsticks or forks, what's the big deal?


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Chopsticks or forks, what's the big deal?

george | Jan 24, 2006 07:47 AM

Some Chowhounds appear to make judgments about Chinese restaurants if they have forks on the table, not chopsticks, and some of these judgments have been rather harsh. Another Chowhound recently wrote that one segment of society gravitates to Thai restaurants because they have forks.

I have to say that I am perplexed by this fixation with forks and chopsticks. I would be suspect of a Chinese restaurant in China that had forks on the table, but not here in the US. I guess that a Chinese restaurant in the US with forks on the table could be seen as an indication that the majority of the restaurant’s clientele is not Chinese and that MAY indicate that the food has been ‘Westernized.’ But my experience tells me that it is not always the case. And it has been my experience that there are many examples of Chinese restaurants that have Chopsticks on the table that have truly awful food.

So my question - does it really matter if chopsticks or forks are on the table? Should a restaurant be judged based upon what they have selected to place on the table? If so, how is a restaurant that offers both forks and chopsticks on the table be judged?

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