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Chopstick etiquette--was this wrong?


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Chopstick etiquette--was this wrong?

Sue | Mar 16, 2000 02:47 PM

I just had a delicious lunch at Cho Dang Gol, a Korean restaurant on W 35th St. specializing in tofu. Ordered the Kim-Chi Cham Doo-Boo, a casserole of tofu and broth served with various kim-chi and rice.

*BUT* I had a sort of odd experience and was wondering what all you Chowhounds think of it.

As I was scooping up rice with my chopsticks, the host came over and asked if I wanted a fork. I assumed it was because my friend and I were the only caucasian party in the restaurant, and I said I was fine with just the chopsticks. He then took my chopsticks from me and gave me a lesson on "how to properly use them," and he wouldn't leave the table until I did so.

I found his method harder than my usual way (which I learned in a Chinese restaurant when I was five). So after he left, I reverted back to my old method, but was a little humiliated and was conscious of my technique for the rest of the meal--did I look like a fool? Do the Chinese hold chopsticks differently than Koreans? I may not be the most elegant user, but I am quite functional and not at all clumsy with them. And I eat various types of Asian food--with chopsticks--on a nearly daily basis. I feel like as long as I wasn't flinging rice across the room with my ineptness, I should have been left alone. Was the host out of line?

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