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What to do with some chopped mozzarella

Allice98 | Sep 9, 200912:42 PM

So I am in the middle of kitchen remodel and of the things that I am making at home I need to be really careful about having little cleanup (not easy and we don't want to destroy bathroom plumbing with things like oils/food accidentally going down the drain), not having leftover ingredients because it's been harder to use some leftovers that aren't ready to eat the way I can when i have a full kitchen.

We provided some food this weekend for cooking over a campfire and I have been able to use up the rest of the ingredients from then already. But, I have some leftover chopped fresh mozzarella that was originally intended for pizza moonpies over the campfire. I am turning the leftover pizza sauce into tomato soup tonight, but what can I make with these ~two cups of fresh mozzarella right now that is minimal, doesn't involve many ingredients and wouldn't leave tons of leftovers. I don't have access to my herbs and spices which are packed away so I am not looking for anything totally flavorful, just looking for a suggestion on how to use this up that isn't a grilled cheese, or throwing them in a salad - to many leftovers to use up right now. We leave for a vacation in about a week so having perpetual leftovers isn't good plus soon after I get home I have to take off the front of the fridge to move it back into the kitchen from where is is now during remodel so I will have to store things in a cooler for a few days.

I am sure someone here can think of something! My mind is about shot right now. I can only think of things that i just can't make. I do have a microwave/convection oven though and and an electric skillet to work with.

BTW, I am vegetarian.

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