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Chopped beef liver


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Chopped beef liver

sunshinerita | Nov 1, 2008 12:23 PM

My husband and I have discussed my mother's recipe for chopped beef liver. My mother would make chopped beef liver by starting with calf ro beef liver and steaming it in the top part of a two part pot. While steaming the liver[about 2 pounds] she would include one whole white onion. In the bottom part of the steamer she would boil 4 eggs. After about a half an hour every thing was done. My mother had one of those truly old food grinders and would start wit the onion and include one slice of white bread. Next she would do the eggs and follow up with one slice of white bread. Lastly she would grind the steamed liver followed by 1-2 slices of white bread. (I use a food processor and it works better than the old food grinder which one would attach to a table and cause a lot of leaking from the ingredients). She would then add a little mustard, some salt, pepper, a little garlic powder and mix in about one half a cut of mayonaise. She would then stir the mixture. If it was too stiff and dry she would add a small amount of the water from the steamed mixture and a little more mayonaise. If the mixture was too loose, she would add another slice of bread. She would allow it to rest for about an hour or over night. I often make this for myself and it is delicious. My mother got this recipe because she used to work for Jewish people in Brooklyn and this is how she was taught to make this delicious. My husband claims that no one makes chopped beef/calf liver by steaming rather than boiling, frying or broiling the liver. Please help me settle this issue. PS- I also make my potato salad by steaming my potatoes. Not for nothing, my husband alleges that both foods are delicious. I learned how to make this directly from my mother and love it. Its really finger licking good. Please help.


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