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Chopped-What's with the ageist comments?

Claire | Nov 11, 200904:17 AM

Last night on "Chopped" one of the contestants, Dominick, was in his 20s while his closest rivals were 45 and 60. He made a point of calling one "Dad" and the other "Grandma." He also mentioned several times how good looking he was. Drop 20 pounds, run a brush through his hair and lose the lip ring and maybe, maybe he'd have something to work with. He could be George Clooney though, and he'd still look like crap if he doesn't tame his ego (he lost to "Grandma," by the way) and lose the ageist comments. Someone 45 isn't old and they're certainly not his "Dad." Ditto for "Grandma" who was gracious all the way to her winning moment.

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