Help Choosing de Buyer Crepe Pan

loves2cook82 | Feb 11, 201907:05 AM     10

I want to buy a carbon steel crêpe pan. I was at a local kitchen supply store yesterday and they had two different de Buyer crêpe pans in stock. One was the Mineral B Element, 2.5 mm thick. The other was labeled "Acier Steel" and was 2mm thick. It was blackish in color, as opposed to the silvery steel color of the Mineral B. It had a welded handle as opposed to the Mineral B's riveted.

I tried looking at existing CH threads, but most mention the Force Blue. I couldn't find anything about the Acier Steel. The store's own barcode sticker called this one "Blue Steel," but I didn't see anything mentioning Blue Steel on the manufacturer label. From looking at the FB line on de Buyer's website, it seems these might be the same product: 2mm thick, welded handle.

Either way, I'm stuck on which one to get. I understand the thinner pan may be better suited to crêpes because it will be more responsive. At the same time, I cook on gas and wonder if the thicker pan would be more even, but will it retain too much heat for delicate crêpes?

This would be my first piece of carbon steel (aside from my wok), so I'd love some advice from those with experience with these pieces.

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