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choosing beef cuts for tender stew


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choosing beef cuts for tender stew

sylvan | Feb 13, 2012 05:28 PM

My understanding is for tender meat one needs to purchase fatty/marbled meat. To obtain tender meat it is then braised/slowly cooked ("slowly cooked" being the operative phrase), in a covered Dutch oven whether on the stove for stew or covered in the oven for a braised meat. I thought fatty/marbled meat was called for in order to have tender meat after long, slow cooking.

I'd been Googling the different cooking methods and the cuts to choose applicable to each cooking method.
So I was confused when I read the info below about what I think of as lean, tough meats that I thought need to be prepared quickly such as broiling/grilling and cut very thin otherwise they're very tough.
Do you agree with the statement below?

"Brisket as well as flank steak can be used for beef stew. The brisket has enough fat and connective tissue and since some brisket flats are pretty lean you can choose one that isn't as fatty as others. Flank steak is often used to make the beef stew."

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