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Help Me Choose the Right Hibachi (Or Mini-BBQ Grill)


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Help Me Choose the Right Hibachi (Or Mini-BBQ Grill)

niki rothman | Jun 18, 2007 11:58 AM

Never owned at BBQ grill because we've always lived in apartments without yards - yet always yearned for that smoky, delicious tang of meaty, crusty barbequed goodness. OK, so what to do? We DO have an outside-the-back-door open-air wooden landing where the stairs and garbage chute reside. I COULD put a metal cookie sheet on the floor and place a hibachi on top of that. So far so good? It's always been just a dream.

But yesterday I got a FREE COUPON from the Vermont Country Store, which features very well made vintage type hard to find domestic and culinary items, for a "free shipping" coupon to reward us for our loyal patronage. Now, hauling a hibachi home from some big- box store far from the City, and up the stairs to our fourth floor walk-up, is not a fun idea, it's a lot more fun to think of the UPS guy climbing all those stairs and gently placing that cumbersome hibachi in my arms - without paying any shipping charges (and this hibachi is an "overweight" item too. Too bad for Vermont Country Store - they just excluded "over-SIZED" NOT over WEIGHT. Heh.)

So, you're asking yourself: where do "I" come in? Well, I'll tell you. Or I'll ask you. Or something. Are there some BBQ & hibachi aficianados who could go to the Vermont Country Store website and tell me if they think, since this may be a once in a lifetime purchase, whether or not THIS is the hibachi we should choose out of all possible hibachis in the universe?

At only $29.95 it seems a great bargain. "made of durable cast-iron, unlike the cheaper ones found in stores!...dual cooking grates adjust to 3 different heights...adjustable air vents to increase or decrease the heat of the fire, and large wooden side handles." 18" X 10" X 8"

Please check it out and let me know what you think.
Item number - 45516


A chowhound here once told me that what I really ought to buy, for my total BBQ-ing needs, is the "Big Green Egg". Apparently, they also offer a "little" Green Egg for the urban apartment dwelling BBQ devotee - any thoughts on this? Or is there another bar-be-que-ing option you would recommend?

Thanks again!

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