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Please help me choose a bread knife!

4Snisl | Nov 1, 200906:36 PM

I am in the market to buy a serrated knife for cutting bread (and other things- tomatoes, etc.) It will not get a huge about of use- maybe a small slicing job or 2 a day.

Just a few questions:

1. Does it make any sense to buy more expensive serrated knives? My understanding is that they can be difficult to sharpen (I don't do it myself, so I wouldn't know!) and some simply buy new serrated knives instead of sharpening. If it is a long-term investment that can be re-sharpened, the less expensive without sacrificing quality, the better.

2. In terms of size- what is the minimum length to consider? I bake boules, as well as standard size loaves. Have thus far made do with a hand-me down serrated knife that is a good 10" long, but wondering if I can go shorter without sacrificing much.

3. How useful is it to have an offset blade?

Two serious considerations thus far have been the 7.5" offset Dexter (about $13), and my local TJ Maxx has an 8" (non-offset) 4 Star Henckels (about $30, picture here: http://www.metrokitchen.com/product/H... )....but other suggestions welcome as well.


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